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It’s the EXCITING season.

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ISO Computers

We need 6 to 8 working computers – They need to be Windows XP or later with WiFi – either laptop or tower.  We only need them for a week, Nov. 1-8, they can be returned.  Please check your closets and garages for that old one you replaced.  If you find a serviceable computer there, please call Allin at 492-2912.  You can delete your most personal of files or set User to Guest but otherwise, they do not need to be wiped.


Northern Door Canvassing Saturday

Nick posted on FB’s Stronger Together – Door County Democrats

Our first post-Labor Day canvass will focus on communities in northern Door County. We need canvassers. We need drivers. We need snacks and bottles of water. There is no more later, folks. We have very little time to do what is necessary to make sure that Hillary Clinton is the next President of the United States, that she has a friendly Congress to work with, and that Lynn Utesch is representing our district in Madison. We’re all busy. We’re all tired. Door County presents its own unique challenges this time of year. I know all this, I really do. This is too important for any one of us to not do our part because we couldn’t be bothered. No matter your schedule, I can find something meaningful for you to do with this campaign. Sign up for next weekend’s canvass below or give me a call at 603-731-2959. Or click here to do an on-line registration.





Door County Democrats, Clinton Kaine yard sign

Our August 25th meeting format is a little different. Please come to the Democratic Party office and pick up yard signs that evening and meet Nick Paul, our Coordinated Campaign Organizer.

Our goal is to get the county blanketed with Democratic Party signs.  We will have as RUSS yard signmany as possible there for you to use and share with your friends and neighbors. Let’s make this a priority for August.

We want to build our presence, this is how you can help. See you on August 25 starting at 4:00.


Status Quo Has Got To Go: Sturgeon Bay Canvass

It’s a STURGEON BAY BLITZ for Lynn Utesch, Democratic candidate for the 1st Assembly

Lynn UteschTuesday, August 23, 5:00-7:30, and Saturday, the 27th , 10:00- 2:00, working with the Coordinated Campaign, we are going to blitz Sturgeon Bay for Lynn Utesch .  We will be going door to door with Lynn’s  literature and the Coordinated Campaign slate card.  We will be targeting people who lean Democratic but may need a boost to ensure 1) that they vote and 2) that they vote for all 4 candidates not just the top 2. 

We can use all the help we can get!  Please try to be on time for a little rah, rah and training. We will go out from the office at 7 South 2nd Ave. (corner of Michigan and 2nd, lower level, in back).

You can also help promote this activity; Invite your Friends on Facebook/DoorDems

Tuesdays & Thursdays with Nick

You can come to the DPDC office almost any weekday (after 10am) to meet Nick, but he has something special scheduled for Volunteers every Tuesday and Thursday at 5:30 pm:

TUESDAYs are Phone Bank nights. Nick has calling lists and sample scripts.

THURSDAYs are Canvasing nights. Nick will provide walking maps, etc.

Don’t put it off. BE A VOLUNTEER NOW. In Nick’s words: “As Democrats, we all understand the stakes in this election. That’s why I moved 1,200 miles across the country. There is no more time to wait. The least any of us can do is give an hour or two of our time making phone calls or knocking on doors on a weekly basis in the 86 days we have left to us to make sure Donald Trump never becomes president. Nobody wants to be asked years from now what they did to stop that from happening and be forced to say that they were too busy to do their part.

ABOUT NICK: Nick Paul is community organizer, student of political science and economics, little league baseball coach, and certified hike-aholic from Concord, New Hampshire. He has worked for or with organizations including NH Child & Family Services, NextGen Climate, and RESULTS. Now he is working for the Wisconsin Coordinated Campaign in support of Hillary Clinton, Russ Feingold, Tom Nelson and Lynn Utesch for Door and Kewaunee counties.